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trump administration denies rights

News Alert: Trump Administration Denies Rights to Certain Asylum Seekers

News Alert: Trump Administration Denies Rights to Certain Asylum Seekers November 13, 2018 In October, news of a so-called “migrant caravan” swept across America. This caravan, made up of mostly women and children, began in Honduras and traveled northward, swelling to nearly 7,000 strong. Throughout the month, the Trump administration encouraged xenophobia and fear as…

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Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Fifth Attorney

Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Newest Attorney

Recently, Kimberly Elmazi became the newest attorney at Davis & Associates, an immigration law firm in Dallas, Texas.   Each attorney at Davis & Associates brings something special to the table. Elmazi is a North Texas native with immigrant parents, who speaks English, Spanish and Albanian.   For Elmazi, “immigration law is not simply a…

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Deportation Immigration Lawyers Explain U.S. Sanctuary Cities

Deportation Immigration Lawyers Explain U.S. Sanctuary Cities

Some cities and counties have taken different approaches to the enforcement of immigration laws. Several local officials have committed to limit their assistance to federal immigration authorities. As a result, some municipalities, counties, and even states are known as “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants. Other cities and states, like Texas, have taken the opposite position to…

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10 Questions Family Immigration Lawyer

10 Questions to Ask When Meeting With a Family Immigration Lawyer

Lately, there has been more attention paid to immigration and deportation than ever before. Law enforcement in some areas of the country are aggressively searching out undocumented immigrants with the intent to deport them. An executive order this year has limited the immigration of individuals from six mostly Muslim countries. According to The Atlantic, the…

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Davis & Associates Launch Spanish | Immigration Attorney | Dallas Fort Worth

Davis & Associates, North Texas Immigration Law Firm, Launches Spanish Website

Davis & Associates, a Dallas based Immigration Law Firm dedicated to serving North Texas families and businesses, recently launched a full-service Spanish website to communicate directly with their Spanish speaking customers. Until recently Davis & Associates released monthly blogs and information, social media, video and content marketing in English only. The Davis & Associates blog…

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6 Ways An Immigration Attorney Can Help Your Business | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

6 Ways A Dallas Immigration Attorney Can Help Your Business

United States law requires that every individual must be a citizen, legal permanent resident, or holder of a work visa to be employed within the country. Every company is required to certify each applicant’s status prior to employment. If the employer does not comply and hires an illegal immigrant without documentation, they may face severe…

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Texas Senate Votes to Close Texas State Refugee Office | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

Texas Senate Votes to Close the State Refugee Office

On April 24, 2017, the Senate of the State of Texas voted to shut down the Texas State Refugee Office, a federal-supported agency devised to help resettle refugees in the state. The move by the legislators supported a long-standing position of the Governor of Texas and many politicians to discontinue supporting the program. According to an…

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Trumps Immigration Ban | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

Trump’s Immigration Ban: What It Means and What Could Happen Next

During his presidential campaign and after a successful election, Donald J. Trump frequently targeted immigration as the nation’s greatest threat to both security and job availability for existing U.S. citizens. His campaign rallies were frequently punctuated by crowd chanting and enthusiastic support from his supporters for bolder measures supporting an immigration ban with substantial force,…

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NBC 5 Asks Garry Davis | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis and Associates

NBC 5 Dallas Asks, Garry Davis, Immigration Attorney in Dallas, TX to Address U.S. Immigration Concerns

With the election of Donald Trump one of the hottest topics of discussion has been his promise of a crackdown on immigration and mass deportation, calling immigration “one of the greatest challenges that faces our country.” Recently, to help the North Texas community better understand what a Donald Trump presidency might look like for our…

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Immigration Statistics You Need to Know | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

Immigration Statistics You Need To Know

When it comes to immigration in the United States, there is plenty of misinformation in the media. Let’s take a look at some legitimate immigration statistics provided by the Migration Policy Institute. A Broad View of Immigration in the United States More than 42 million immigrants reside in the U.S. These individuals consist of immigrants who…

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