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Immigration is a fundamental principle in US law, policy and jurisprudence. It has been part of our history and cultural development for centuries. As the world continues to shrink through technological and communication advances, immigration will remain one of the most challenging issues we face in this nation. Students enroll in school to prepare themselves for the future. For many, the goal is to acquire education and skills to provide for a better future for themselves. For others, the goal is to gain knowledge to share with others or to make the world a better place. We hope that for most, each of these lofty goals plays a role in motivating them to seek higher education. To those students who are immigrants themselves, who have a recent heritage of immigration to the US, or who have a desire to focus their studies on the impact of immigration on society in the US, we offer the Davis & Associates Scholarship. We offer two $500 scholarships each school year, one for a student who has been accepted into or is enrolled in an accredited College or University in the US, and the other for a student who has been accepted into or is enrolled in an accredited law school in the US. Applicants must submit the following by June 1, 2016 of the application year:

  • A completed Davis & Associates Scholarship Application Form
  • Up to a two (2) page typed (double spaced) essay describing your interest in US immigration law or connection to life as an immigrant to the US, and how that interest or connection influences your choices about your education.
  • High School transcript or Bachelor’s degree and transcripts from an accredited college, with minimum unweighted and cumulative 3.0 GPA.
  • An acceptance letter from an accredited college, university or law school within the United States
  • Proof of legal residency in the United States (i.e., birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, unexpired and valid I-94, etc.)

The Scholarships:

  • The Davis & Associates Scholarships are to be used exclusively for college, undergraduate or law school tuition and related expenses.
  • A check for $500 will be made payable to the award recipient’s school to cover those expenses.
  • Recipient is expected to comply with any tax regulations.

Scholarship applications may be mailed to: Garry Davis Davis & Associates PO Box 794284 Dallas, TX 75379 or emailed in .pdf format to