Davis & Associates Launch Spanish | Immigration Attorney | Dallas Fort Worth

Davis & Associates, North Texas Immigration Law Firm, Launches Spanish Website

Davis & Associates, a Dallas based Immigration Law Firm dedicated to serving North Texas families and businesses, recently launched a full-service Spanish website to communicate directly with their Spanish speaking customers. Until recently Davis & Associates released monthly blogs and information, social media, video and content marketing in English only. The Davis & Associates blog…

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Visa Options for Working in the United States | Davis & Associates | Immigration Lawyer

Visa Options for Working in the United States

The following article about United States Visa Options was written by Garry Davis, owner and lead attorney at Davis & Associates, and was recently published in the Dallas Bar Association digital and mail publications: Visa Options for Working in the United States Thu, 05/25/2017 by Garry Davis As an Immigration Law practitioner, I am frequently…

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5 ways a Dallas immigration attorny can help my family | Davis & Associates

5 Ways a Dallas Immigration Attorney Can Help My Family

Individuals who are already citizens can help family members obtain the necessary visas to become permanent residents of the United States. Relatives or family members can be defined as a spouse or fiancé, child, brother or sister, or parent. The three-step process to obtain residency status for a relative can take considerable time and requires…

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6 Ways An Immigration Attorney Can Help Your Business | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

6 Ways A Dallas Immigration Attorney Can Help Your Business

United States law requires that every individual must be a citizen, legal permanent resident, or holder of a work visa to be employed within the country. Every company is required to certify each applicant’s status prior to employment. If the employer does not comply and hires an illegal immigrant without documentation, they may face severe…

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Texas Senate Votes to Close Texas State Refugee Office | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

Texas Senate Votes to Close the State Refugee Office

On April 24, 2017, the Senate of the State of Texas voted to shut down the Texas State Refugee Office, a federal-supported agency devised to help resettle refugees in the state. The move by the legislators supported a long-standing position of the Governor of Texas and many politicians to discontinue supporting the program. According to an…

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Texas House Passes Sanctuary City Legislation | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

Texas House Passes Sanctuary City Legislation

The term, “sanctuary city”, has become a hot topic in recent news. In January 2017, President Trump proposed to withdraw all federal funding from any municipality labeled a sanctuary city. His presidential order was soon deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge in Hawaii, yet the concept continues to be discussed and debated. Many are still not sure…

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Immigration Help- Know Your Rights | Dallas Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Help: Know Your Rights

In these uncertain and fast-changing times, preparing for the unexpected is crucial. The rights of immigrants today may be challenged without notice and, in many cases, the result can range from difficult to devastating for the families. These families need immigration help. How Can You Protect Yourself? It is important to know and be current…

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How Do I Choose an Immigration Lawyer | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

How Do I Choose an Immigration Lawyer?

As circumstances change in today’s uncertain political environment, staying informed of current immigration laws and practices is essential. Today, network commentators and newspapers offer a broad range of opinions regarding the status of relative newcomers to the United States. As a result, it is important that you remain calm and seek the advice and protection…

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Trump to order increased scrutiny of H-1B visa program

Hello to our Davis & Associates family! As you know, we are always trying to stay on top of immigration news so that we are prepared to handle all of your questions and immigration law needs. Recently, we’ve come across such a great article that we thought it would be appropriate to share it with you.…

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