Trump to order increased scrutiny of H-1B visa program

Hello to our Davis & Associates family! As you know, we are always trying to stay on top of immigration news so that we are prepared to handle all of your questions and immigration law needs. Recently, we’ve come across such a great article that we thought it would be appropriate to share it with you.…

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DACA and Immigration Update | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

DACA and Immigration Ban Update

During the administration of President Obama, an immigration plan was created to allow immigrants without documentation who entered the United States as minors to receive a renewable two-year extension that would defer deportation. The policy was named the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA. DACA was implemented unilaterally by President Obama in 2012. Before…

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Halp for Companies Navigating H-1B Visas | Dallas Immigration News | Davis & Associates

Davis & Associates Helps Companies Navigate H-1B Visa Process

Dallas immigration law firm handles all aspects of immigration law DALLAS, TX – FEBRUARY 1, 2017 – Companies reliant on skilled workers from overseas anxiously await word on possible changes likely under President Donald Trump. Dallas immigration law firm Davis & Associates stands ready to help employers navigate through what often can be a tricky…

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Trumps Immigration Ban | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

Trump’s Immigration Ban: What It Means and What Could Happen Next

During his presidential campaign and after a successful election, Donald J. Trump frequently targeted immigration as the nation’s greatest threat to both security and job availability for existing U.S. citizens. His campaign rallies were frequently punctuated by crowd chanting and enthusiastic support from his supporters for bolder measures supporting an immigration ban with substantial force,…

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NBC 5 Asks Garry Davis | Dallas Immigration Attorney | Davis and Associates

NBC 5 Dallas Asks, Garry Davis, Immigration Attorney in Dallas, TX to Address U.S. Immigration Concerns

With the election of Donald Trump one of the hottest topics of discussion has been his promise of a crackdown on immigration and mass deportation, calling immigration “one of the greatest challenges that faces our country.” Recently, to help the North Texas community better understand what a Donald Trump presidency might look like for our…

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Immigration Adjustment Status | Dallas Immigration Lawyer | Davis & Associates

What is An Adjustment of Status?

Adjustment of Status Adjustment of Status is a request by a non-US Citizen, currently within the United States, to become a lawful permanent resident. Approval of an application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is required to attain an Adjustment of Status to legally remain in the country under a different, more permanent…

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What is Consular Processing Davis & Associates

What is Consular Processing?

If you are not currently in the United States and, therefore, not qualified to apply for an Adjustment of Status, an Immigrant Visa application presented to the U.S. Consulate in your location is the best course of action. An approved visa petition with a current priority date is needed to start the process. National Visa…

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Trump Presidency and Immigration Plans | Dallas Lawyer | Davis & Associates

What the New Presidency Means for Immigration

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s plans for immigration. The media would like you to believe Trump is anti-immigrant in every possible way. Let’s take a look at exactly what Trump has in mind for current immigrants living in the United States and those who would like to move to the “land of the free”. Trump’s…

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