What is an EB-5 Visa, and How Can You Get One - Dallas Immigration Attorneys

What is an EB-5 Visa, and How Can You Get One?

The EB-5 Visa program is an exceptionally popular way to gain permanent residence in the United States, which you can then use to apply for naturalized citizenship – but what is the EB-5 Investor Program, and how can you get into it? For many people, the best option is to hire a Dallas immigration attorney…

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Student Visas - Dallas Student Visa Lawyer

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Student Visas

People who want to study in the United States might be eligible for a student visa (commonly called an F1 visa). But how can you get one, how long does it last, and what happens when it expires? Check out these four things you probably didn’t know about student visas, then find out how to…

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¿Qué Son Las Visas EB-1, Las Visas EB-2 Y Las Visas EB-3? Para ¿Trabajadores Prioritarios?

What Are EB-1 Visas, EB-2 Visas and EB-3 Visas for Priority Workers?

If you’re considering coming to the United States on an employment visa or you own a company looking for help from foreign nationals, EB visas are worth exploring. Employment-based visas are categorized based upon preference: EB-1, first preference EB-2, second preference EB-3, third preference EB-4, fourth preference EB-5, fifth preference What is an EB-1 Visa…

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4 Ways to Obtain a Green Card Marriage

4 Ways to Obtain a Green Card Through Marriage

There are four ways to obtain a green card through marriage, but many people aren’t aware of what they are. Remember, if you are attempting to apply for a green card marriage, you must exercise your options in good faith – you must be in a genuine relationship. The four most common paths for non-U.S.…

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What is an H-2B Visa

What is an H-2B Visa?

At certain times, U.S. businesses require extra workers to handle seasonal surges or temporary fluctuations that demand the hiring of temporary personnel. In many cases, finding additional workers locally to staff certain positions for a limited time is not possible. As a result, some companies rely on bringing workers from other countries to work and…

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Business Visas The Fundamentals

Business Visas: The Fundamentals

For companies looking for business visas, the United States immigration program provides several kinds of work visas to fit the requirements of companies and workers alike. Nevertheless, when employing foreign nationals, it is crucial that companies and staff members have a clear understanding of the visa program and its procedure. Here are a few of…

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Do I Qualify for Naturalization in Dallas

Do I Qualify for Naturalization in Dallas?

The process for immigrants to become United States citizens is referred to as naturalization. In order to get U.S. citizenship, a foreign national must fulfill specific requirements set out in the Immigration and Nationality Act. Since this procedure can be detailed and complex, an immigration lawyer can be helpful. What Are the Qualifications? In order…

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5 Ways to Stop Deportation

5 Ways To Stop Deportation

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) permits immigration judges to waive elimination or deportation of immigrants so long as particular conditions are fulfilled. Deportation attorneys provide aid and proficiency in the removal procedures by submitting all documents and supplying the essential proof of the candidate’s qualifications. Noted below are 5 methods which the deportation of…

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5 Things to Understand About Family Immigration Law

5 Things To Understand About Family Immigration Law

United States citizens and long-term residents can submit petitions for visas for certain relatives. The amount of time it requires to get a family immigration visa in Dallas depends upon the petitioner and the kind of relative. This will also determine which applications to send. (1) Types of Family Immigration Law Visas There are 2…

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The Significance of a Green Card Lawyer

The Significance Of A Green Card Lawyer

The procedure for obtaining a green card in the USA is anything but easy and stress-free. With a green card lawyer in your corner, you are sure to find the procedure a lot easier to navigate. However, is a green card lawyer actually needed? The United States immigration system could be a complicated system to…

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